It’s A Mad Cows Galore In Michael Logan’s Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow by Michael LoganApocalypse Cow by Michael Logan

If you think you have seen every permutation of the idea of a zombie, think again. When it is cows, and not humans, that are shambling through the meadows and looking for brains, you know we’re all in trouble. Forget the cud – they want blood! And that’s just the start.

Terry was pretty sure that his job at the abattoir was the reason he could never get a date. Somehow the smell of dead cow just seemed to permeate every crevice of his body. Little did he know not getting a date would soon be the least of his problems! It all began the day the cows began to fight back.

When we first meet Geldolf, he is struggling with the reality of being the skinny nerdy kid in school. Add to that his mother’s militaristic vegetarianism and his own preoccupation with mathematics and you get a kid that fits in nowhere.

The final key in our story is Leslie. She may be a reporter with the biggest coup of the century, but that doesn’t mean she knows what to do with it. It takes something as catastrophic as mad zombie cows to bring these three losers together.

Not Quite The Three Musketeers

But what happens next changes everything. For in a crazy chaotic world where just about anything could ensue, these three come together and become more than the sum of their parts. Kind of like some strange mathematical equation that Geldolf would adore. But the real question is, can these three save the world from mad zombie cows?

With a madcap approach that somehow still makes you care about the main characters, Michael Logan has managed to create a funny zombie book that still pulls you along in its plot. Believe it or not you will find yourself flipping the pages as you laugh uproariously and maybe giggle a bit. I just had to know how this was all going to turn out!

Apocalypse Cow Is Fearlessly Funny

Apocalypse Cow is surprisingly astute, cheekily funny and more than a little gross. Just for those of you that were wondering if this one is some kind of zombie book without the required gore. It isn’t. But even with the gore, even with the dramatics, what always wins the day here- is the fearless attitude.

Ready for some mad cow zombie fun? Our pals at Amazon will be happy to send you the paperback version of Apocalypse Cow or if you like you can download the kindle version.

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World War Z – The Book vs. The Movie


It’s Brad vs all those zombies!

As the saying goes in that rock and roll song quote it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine end quote.  World war Z is about the end of the world as we know it.  But we don’t feel fine, we feel scared.  Like most zombie books it is about the apocalypse.  What made this one different was that its third person entries gave us a different perspective.

It was hard to imagine that anyone can make a movie based on this book.  The story sprawled across several countries and continents.  There was no central character.  There was barely a plot.  But in the end, we were all dragged along this very scary scenario kicking and screaming.  Somehow we were all mesmerized.  How do you film that?  I have to imagine Brad Pitt never got that memo.  But then he seems to like doing the impossible.

I know that everyone says zombies are no longer big but I have a feeling that this movie someone loosely based on the best-selling novel World War Z is going to be fun!  That is if they can get past the fact that they have an army of writers to do what one writer did with the book.  The problem is can you put together a good story when it takes an army to solve the problems in the script?  Well for what I can hear if you like explosions and big crowds of people creating mayhem, you may forgive the problems in the script.  Personally, I love movies with lots of explosions.  So I’m expecting this one to be fun.

If you have seen the trailers, and who hasn’t, you know that Brad Pitt is bringing his own charisma to this story.  While it is true that changes have been made, we should all be used to that.  Any time anyone makes adaptations to a novel for a movie you have to expect changes.  Of course for many of us the question remains are the changes ones we can live with?

The reviews are in, and they are not kind.  But for those of us who have read in the book we know the basics of the story and what to expect.  My advice?  Forget everything you read in the book.  Just go and enjoy the film.

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Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead by Scott Kenemore

Zombie, Ohio A Tale of the Undead by Scott KenemoreZombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead by Scott Kenemore

Being capable of thinking beyond the phrase “Brains!” is probably a big deal for a zombie. But for the recently deceased philosophy professor Peter Mellor, keeping his brains and thinking intact isn’t always as helpful as you might think. Because in Ohio there is a zombie invasion going on, and he seems to be one of them.

When Peter Mellor wakes from a car accident, he can’t quite remember who he is and how we came to be here. But we soon follow him as he makes his way home and tries to piece his life, or rather after-death, together. He can think and reason still, even if his memory is pretty shot. But he can’t quite get the idea of the taste of brains out of his head. In fact, it is someone else’s head he wants now. Anyone else’s head, it turns out.

Although the plot thread that Kenemore hangs this story on is Mellor trying to discover the cause behind an accident that doesn’t look accidental, that isn’t the real story here. In a genre drowned with shambling invasions, this one is told from the viewpoint of the zombie. What is more, it is an intelligent thinking zombie. Beyond this, it has a murder mystery, plenty of really good humor and enough blood to satisfy any zombie enthusiast.

Author Scott Kenemore is no newbie to the world of zombies. His The Zen of Zombies has become a cult classic already. But he really hits his stride with Zombie Ohio. The wit that we have come to expect from him is here in spades, but so is plenty of traditional zombie mayhem.

Today’s zombie landscape is littered with the corpses of well-intentioned zombie books with little writing skill and even less editing. This is not one of those. If you love zombies, humor and that odd gleam-in-your-eye madness that Kenemore is so good at writing, you will love Zombie: Ohio.

Lucky for you, we have both Kindle version and paperback version of Zombie Ohio available for you right here.

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The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Trilogy – a Review


What a gal! Thanks to for this fun illustration!

When Seth Graham-Smith first came out with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies back in 2009, you could have heard a pin drop. Everyone was in shock that the sacred Jane Austen could be treated so shabbily! That is, until they read the book. It was obvious from the start that this was a loving homage of a sort, written by someone who truly knew Austen. Mash-ups were a new concept, and Seth was one of the pioneers of the idea of taking two such disparate genres as Jane Austen and the world of zombies and putting them together in one book.

But when Steve Hocksensmith came out with a prequel to the story, I have to admit I thought it was simply a ripoff of an original idea. I am glad I decided to check it out, because the humor is so spot on and the writing so perfectly timed. Hockensmith managed to take the idea and move it one step further. What went on in that quiet village before the events of Pride and Prejudice? The final book in this series was somewhat inevitable if you have ever read any interviews with Hockensmith. The publisher had a hit on their hands! It’s publish or perish, so of course they did more.

The series is fun. If you have never tried a mash-up this is a good place to start. Most of us read Jane Austen in school, if not since that time. We know the story. This is just a slightly twisted version of it, told by some very talented and themselves twisted authors.

I have them listed here not in the order they were published, but within the chronological order of the storytelling. It just makes more sense that way, if you are planning to read them all, which I highly recommend!

Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve HockensmithPride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith

This is the prequel to the original mash-up and takes place several years before it. We are in the quiet Northern English town of Meryton, where the Bennet sisters live a simple quiet life. All of that will change one day when a neighbor decides to sit up – at his own funeral! The dead are rising from their graves and no one is sure why.

Worst of all, they are zombies! Our plucky sisters train under the tutelage of their warrior father, determined to rid their town of this pestilence. The garden is commandeered for training and the sisters learn firsthand the art of war, against zombies! The language will place you firmly in Austen territory and the interactions will have you laughing out loud. The book is great fun and an imaginative play of “what if”.

You can get yours in either Kindle format, as a paperback or even in audiobook for listening to on the go.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Graham-SmithPride and Prejudice and Zombies: by Jane Austen and Seth Graham-Smith

This is the original mash-up that started with an editor’s idea of combining the two unlikely genres to get a totally fun story. It’s Jane Austen with a twist. Graham-Smith’s book is actually based on the story Pride and Prejudice. That means we see all the much-loved characters from the classic novel, including not only the Bennet sisters but also the beloved Mr. Darcy.

He arrives just as the town has become infested by zombies and soon finds himself involved in two battles. One is against the horde of the undead, the other for the hand and heart of the impetuous Elizabeth. We know how this one will end; the fun is in getting there!

You can get this one as well in either Kindle format, as a paperback or even in audiobook for listening to on the go.


Dreadfully Ever After by Steve HockensmithPride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After by Steve Hockensmith

The final book in this horror romance trilogy takes place several years after Elizabeth and her adored Mr. Darcy are wed. Now I know I didn’t give that one away! They have been in wedded bliss for four years when the unthinkable happens. Elizabeth is horrified when her beloved is bitten by a child Dreadful.

Although she knows the only sensible thing would be to burn him now, she cannot bear to. Instead she heads to London to find the miracle cure that she has heard about. She must not only fight off zombies, but avoid the heartbreak of killing her shambling wreck of a husband. If she can only find the mysterious Catherine! Can she save him? Ah – what fun ensues! This is the conclusion to the story so check it out to find if our heroes get their HEA they deserve.

Grab your copies of this conclusion to our little series here in either Kindle format, as a paperback or even in audiobook for listening to on the go.

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The Living With the Dead Series by Jesse Petersen

Love by Jesse Petersen.jpgWhen it comes to a funny zombie series, I think that Jesse Peterson’s Living with the Dead Series really ranks high. In many ways the books language reminds me a great deal of a book I reviewed earlier that I loved called My Life As A White Trash Zombie. If you enjoyed that one, you should love this series!

It is smart in a subtle kind of way, funny without being slapstick or laugh out loud kind of funny and in addition makes some interesting points about relationships. That may be because the format that Peterson borrows is one very familiar to anyone who reads all those self-help books. You know the ones I mean. They may be tucked away where your friends can’t see them, but you have them. We all do.

The concept of taking the formatting of a self-help book and using it to tell about a zombie apocalypse is not only a new one, it is a clever one. But then the Living with the Dead Series is all kinds of clever. After all, how much help would those self-help books be in the midst of such a horrifying emergency as this? For many of us, our lives are at the crossroads of horror and comedy enough as it is. Having a series that illustrates it just makes it all a little more obvious. But then, that may well be where the nervous giggling is coming from whenever I read these books.


Married With Zombies by Jesse Petersen, zombie series, Living With the Dead seriesMarried With Zombies by Jesse Petersen

When David and Sarah’s marriage counselling sessions get interrupted by a zombie invasion, what else can they do but fight it? The book begins with their umpteenth trip to their Seattle counsellor’s office, when they notice the highway is strangely quiet, the security guard at the parking structure seems to be missing and the receptionist at their counselor’s office left her desk and never came back.

When they step into the office only to find their trusty new age-style counsellor busily ripping out the throat of the client before them, they know they are in trouble. From there it is just a quick jump to fighting for survival and learning to work a bit more closely together than they have in years. While I wouldn’t advise starting a zombie apocalypse as a marriage revival technique, it seems to do wonders for David and Sarah’s relationship. Well, sort of.

If you have ever read a self-help book you will instantly recognize the style here. Chapters begin with a little quote and then go on to illustrate it with David and Sarah’s constant struggle for survival. The atmosphere is witty and the language downright snarky at times. But you will find it hard to put it down once you start giggling.

We have Married with Zombies in either the Kindle version or deliverable as a paperback novel.

Flip This Zombie by Jesse Petersen, zombie series, Living With the Dead seriesFlip This Zombie by Jesse Petersen

Once you have the marriage patched up well enough to make the two of you a team, now what? Well, of course now you need to find a way to keep the cash flowing. And that is exactly what David and Sarah do in this follow-up to the marriage counselling session from Hell called Married with Zombies. This time around, the two decide to take the skills they acquired from killing plenty of zombies and hire themselves out. Taking a page from the numerous financial self-help books, they go on to illustrate the ups and downs of creating your own financial empire from the destruction of life as we know it.

But when one of their clients turns out to be a Mad Scientist type, things take a turn for the dangerous. He is interested in zombies alright. But he wants them to bring them back alive – or rather undead but in one piece in order to study them. If he can’t have fresh zombie, he can always make new ones. Sarah and David will do just fine, he thinks.

It is all too much for our intrepid couple who must find a way to stop him. And then there is The Kid. He’s ten years old, too smart sometimes for his own good, and definitely worth having around. With a crew like this and a mad scientist to stop, you know this guide to making a fortune despite a zombie apocalypse is bound to be fun!

We have copies of Flip This Zombie for you in either Kindle or paperback formats.

Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen, zombie series, Living With the Dead seriesEat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen

When the Mad Scientist in Flip This Zombie infected David, Sarah was lucky enough to have gotten her hands on the cure. The question remains – did it really cure? As the pair heads for what they hope is safety and some type of government on the other side of The Wall, she begins to notice that David is changing. He is stronger, faster and she is worried what her once nerdy game-playing husband will do next. This isn’t helped any when they rescue Nicole, a blonde bombshell who was a TV star before the big changes happened.

This book is really more about the journey of self-discovery (no surprise there, given the title) that the two go through now that they are moving towards a final goal. The Wall is a legendary place where supposedly the government has made a final stand against the Zombie Horde. Sarah wants to get there and hand over the final vial of anti-zombie to Someone In Charge. David isn’t so sure that there is a wall and if it is the answer he wants.

While the snarky attitude that has endeared this series to me is still there, by book three you are beginning to really care about everyone here. You want them to not only make it to The Wall, but for it to be what they need it to be. But most of all, you need to know, along with Sarah, just what has David become? The Zombie Apocalypse has changed everyone, but is it for the good?

Get your copy of Eat Slay Love now in either Kindle format or as a paperback right here.


The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen, zombie series, Living With the Dead seriesThe Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen

With the resolutions seen from the last book, it’s time for David and Sarah to get some rest and a chance to live their lives. But it is not to be. Soon, the old gang arrives. The Kid and Nicole, along with a few other “guests” want Sarah and David to return to Seattle to end a huge zombie infestation. It turns out that David “has a way” with Zombies that no-one can explain, and that Sarah doesn’t want to think about too much.

But Sarah is carrying a few secrets of her own when they head out. She isn’t so sure she wants to return to Seattle, but feels she has few choices. The revelation of what she is hiding, along with a few other surprises along the way, all help to wrap up this series nicely.

Not sure why the change in cover art, but the book still reads as good as the others. The wit and snarky language is still there in spades, but the tale is definitely shorter. For those who have been following all along, you will get the satisfaction of seeing it all tied up nicely. No loose ends here! Just be warned, it is definitely more of a long short story than a short novel. But who can possibly want to miss out on the conclusion to the Living with the Dead series?

You can get your copy of The Zombie Whisperer in Kindle format only from us right now.


Shambling with the Stars, zombie series, Living With the Dead seriesBonus! Short Story – Shambling with the Stars

Can’t get enough of the Living with the Dead series? Do you miss David and Sarah already? If you are someone who has loved this series, or just know you will, we have a little side bonus for you to enjoy. Jesse Peterson has done a quick short story that is priced just right and will have you laughing as well. Remember TV personality Nicole? Well, she wasn’t the only one in Hollyweird to be finding ways to use the Zombie Apocalypse to get some ratings when the whole thing settles.

Meet Avery Andrews, director of celebrity marathons for just about any cause you can name. And how can you beat a cause like this one? When the outbreak happens she quickly puts together a star-studded call-a-thon that will raise her Q a few points. But when the zombies show up in the studio, it just may be another kind of race! Can she stay alive long enough to return for next season?

It’s a fast read of around 7000 words and available from us as a Kindle download.

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A Human Zombie Tale in Dust by Joan Frances Turner

Dust by Joan Frances TurnerDust by Joan Frances Turner

We tend to think of zombies as these drooling, dumb things. Romano has pretty much instilled in us the concept of the shuffling undead. But what if that is not how the world worked? Turner introduces us to a rather unique world view of zombies in Dust. It is one that goes beyond the trope of just seeing the world from the viewpoint of the undead. After all, that has been done. But what if we lived in a world of two races, one alive and one undead? What if they always existed side by side with us, if we only knew?

Turner’s Dust is a World Unseen

Jessica was sixteen when she died. A seatbelt undone and an out of control car sent her through the windshield of her parent’s car and onto the pavement, dead by the time she hit it. When she wakes, she manages to claw her way out of her coffin and into a world where undead tribes find ways to survive. The story begins nine years later.

We discover that the undead do communicate. The grunts and groans we hear are just a small part of the language, mostly done telepathically. After all, if you are missing most of your jaw or a good part of your throat has rotted away, it is hard to talk. Tongues seem to go more quickly than other body parts. But we soon discover that these tribes of undead hunt will for food, develop loyalties, and even create families of a sort.

As the relationships become more real to us, we find ourselves drawn into this portrayal of life after death. The woods and small towns of Indiana harbor groups that have created a kind of life for themselves, and a sense of belonging.

An Unseen Danger

But then a virus is somehow introduced that is dangerous to both humans and zombies alike. No one knows exactly where it comes from or how to stop it, but they must. Because if they don’t, the human race in any form is doomed.

An unusual and moving tale of zombie life and death, Dust is an unforgettable portrayal that goes beyond the basic dismemberment and drooling zombies. We have it available here in kindle, paperback and audio versions.

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Book Review – The Ultimate Survival Guide: Zombie Apocalypse

book review, The Ultimate Survival GuideThe Ultimate Survival Guide: Zombie Apocalypse by Laurence Sutton and Karim Theos

What the heck do you plan to do when the Zombie Apocalypse comes? Obviously that is the question that Laurence Sutton and Karim Theos tossed around one day when they came up with this hilarious answer to that timely question. I could say it was stunningly researched, but I kind of doubt it. I could say it is authentically detailed, but I also doubt that. However, for anyone who is a fan of the old zombie apocalypse books, this one will hit you right in the funny bone.

Written as a guide to help you prepare for the inevitable invasion of the rotting dead ones, it actually does a pretty good job of looking at what would probably be our fate. But the tongue in cheek humor, great stick-figure cartoons (that are much harder to draw then you think- I know, I tried) and detailed instructions are done with great earnestness. They also are done with some brutal honesty about your chances of survival, at least without this handy dandy little guide.

Getting Ready for Survival

The book is broken down into four sections: Prepare, Survive, Fight Back and Rebuild. Each section walks you through all the things you need to get through the invasion. What is important, they tell us, is to be a leader. This is because leaders always seem to be the ones who survive. So even if you don’t think you have the stuff of leadership now, they assure you that you will by the time you have completed the guide.

The book will detail for you why grabbing a gun first is always the best choice, how important car mechanics may or may not be after the big zombie invasion and many more important questions. So if you happen to notice a zombie flying through the window while you are sitting at home watching Jeopardy, you just might want to have this book handy. Probably read already too, since it is hard to read while running with zombies nipping at your heels.

Grab your copy of The Ultimate Survival Guide: Zombie Apocalypse today before the invasion begins! Naturally this is one of those items we only offer as a Kindle download, so be sure and turn your Wi-Fi on first when you order.

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Book Review – NECROPHOBIA #2 by Jack Hamlyn

NECROPHOBIA #2 by Jack Hamlyn

Book Two in The Zombie Apocalypse series.

NECROPHOBIA #2 by Jack Hamlyn

You would think that in a world filled with more zombie books than you can shake a dismembered limb at, there would be little use for another “classic zombie” story. You know the kind I mean.

It’s a pretty ordinary day, then suddenly something happens and dead people are walking the streets, hungry for brains. That does pretty much sum up the basic zombie story.

While I am not saying that the series that Jack Hamlyn delivers here is vastly different from that, it has some stuff going for it that will interest you if you love good zombie stories.

This book, the second in the series starts off quickly for one. It gets you back into the action with very little preamble, with drooling zombie attacks within the first few pages. Ah-ha, you think, my kind of zombie book!

Necrophobia in The Zombie Apocalypse

The series is called The Zombie Apocalypse and it runs pretty much the way I describe it above in all of the three books. If you have not read the first one you could jump into this one without too much trouble. Hamlyn fills in the few details you need within the first chapter.

I do admit though that the characters feel a bit more rounded when you have taken the time to get acquainted with them in the first book Necrophobia #1. Needless to say everyone from our hero, Dad and ex-soldier Steve Niles as he tries to keep his son safe and his sanity intact to the fellow-fighters he meets have developed a true fear of the dead. A phobia, if you will, of anything that has died because it just may come back to find you.

Like in the first book, the heart of the story is Steve and his son finding a way to survive the horror. That family and the love between them is really the core story makes this a different type of zombie book from something like World War Z or the other latest zombie horror tales. There is a real heart at its center that gives it somewhat of a breather in between the death. It also makes the horror have more meaning.

Looking For A Few Good Zombies

I will say this much for Jack, he doesn’t waste time coming up with fancy titles for his books. But then again, I think the zombie fan club doesn’t care as long as the story has the required amount of dead bodies walking around and some good old fashion heroics to save the day. This series has that in spades.

If you love great classic zombie tales, I really recommend Necrophobia as that classic story of survival. The writing is tight and well crafted, the characters established just clearly enough to get you involved and for those who need this – the equipment and weapons are awesome. Grab your Kindle or paperback edition from us today and start reading!

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